Computer Repair

Repair / Tune-up
We can improve your computer performance by maximizing your computers potential.  We can diagnose any problem and make appropriate repairs.  We can maximize your computers performance.

File Transfer & Backup
We can save your media to any storage device.  We will organize your files to make it easier for you and backup the important files that you would never want to lose.

Complimentary Cleaning
In appreciation for your business, every computer will receive an interior dusting and a general wipe down of the screen.

Memory Upgrade
Looking to play the latest games or want to upgrade the speed of your processing power?  We offer quality memory upgrades that are tailored to your computer.

Critical Software Updates
Windows and Mac regularly update their operating systems.  It is vital to keep up-to-date to stay protected from the problems that can occur after not doing an update for a while.

Virus Removal
We can scan your computer to prevent malicious malware and harmful viruses from bringing your computer to a devastating standstill.

Support Recommendations
We can help you find the best machine to suit your needs and budget so that you can get a solid deal without leaving yourself short.

Looking to become more fluent when using your computer?  We cover a wealth of topics so that you can be comfortable and feel confident